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The Ledger - EST. 1978 - Nashville Edition

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Public Records - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3,316 Public Records consisting of 3,316 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Accountants - Active0
Accountants - Inactive0
Accounting Firms0
Architecture Firms0
Auto Dealers0
Beauty & Cosmetology Shops0
Business Licenses31
Car Salesman0
Contracting Companies - Building0
Contracting Companies - Electrical0
Contracting Companies - Heating & Air0
Contracting Companies - Mechanical0
Contracting Companies - Plumbing0
Employment Agencies0
Engineering Firms0
Engineers - Inactive & Retired0
Home Improvement Contractors0
Home Inspectors0
Insurance Agents0
Insurance Companies0
Interior Designers0
Land Surveyor0
Landscape Architects0
Landscape Architecture Firms0
Limited License Electrician0
Limited License Plumber0
Marriage Licenses25
Misc Register Filings38
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers/Distributors0
Newcomers: Utility Connections65
Other Liens10
Private Probation Services0
Public Adjuster0
Real Estate Agents0
Real Estate Firms0
Title Companies0
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity0
Court Calendars: Chancery14
Court Calendars: Circuit32
Court Calendars: General Sessions1483
Court Calendars: State Criminal437
Court Filings: Chancery19
Court Filings: Circuit31
Court Filings: Federal0
Court Filings: General Sessions176
FED Warrants91
Power of Attorney & Decrees8
Probate Court8
Tax Liens & Releases0
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications123
Mortgage: Releases56
Mortgage: Trust Deeds101
Notice of Completion1
Permits: Building32
Permits: Electrical63
Permits: Mechanical71
Permits: Plumbing30
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds77
Quit Claim51
Rents & Leases1
Trustee Appointments4

FED Warrants

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View02/21/12Rodney, Camella; Decker, Benjamin; Longo, Faye 
View02/21/12Driver, Terence; The Villas Of Willow Creek 
View02/21/12The Villas Of Willow Creek; Dortch, Daisha 
View02/21/12The Villas Of Willow Creek; Barnes, Ooyelkar 
View02/21/12Bryant, Audrey; Bank Of America Na 
View02/21/12Wofford, Peter; Boyd, Latoya 
View02/21/12Durham, Diane; Wofford, Peter 
View02/21/12Woolley, Russell; The Bank Of New York Mellon 
View02/21/12Matthews, Leah; Wofford, Peter 
View02/21/12Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; Lunn, Gregory; Lunn, Cheryl 
View02/21/12Wofford, Peter; Baker, Donna 
View02/21/12Robertson, Anthony; Reddick, Anthoy; Mccgory, Antorrie 
View02/21/12Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; Frith, Robert; Frith, Ruth 
View02/21/12Anthony, Gary; S&G Property Mgmt Group 
View02/21/12Reynolds, Steven; Residential Property Management, Llc 
View02/21/12Bruce, Michael; S&G Property Mgmt Group 
View02/21/12Topps, Deborah; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation 
View02/21/12Washington, Charity; Residential Property Management, Llc 
View02/21/12Cb Property Manangement; Clark, Dwayne 
View02/21/12Miller, Bobby; Viking Investment Properties Llc Dba Richard J Levange; Mcilvain, Joe 
View02/21/12Connell, Gary & Newell, Tim; Stiger, Monica; Stiger, Darren 
View02/21/12Cou H, David; Shorter, Courtney 
View02/21/12Viking Investment Properties Llc Dba Richard J Levange; Garner, Wayne; Davis, Barbara 
View02/21/12Cou H, David; Arrington, Eric 
View02/21/12Matthews, Evelyn; Slater, Jason; Evans, Ron; Pace, Lateisha 
View02/21/12Tabani Raleigh Tn Llc; Campbell Dba Tony's Bar & Grill, Anthony; Quinn, Harris P. 
View02/21/12Hayes-Kelly, Linda; Adamolekum, Bola; Adamolekum, Wura 
View02/21/12Hammonds, Ronnie; Roberson, Terry 
View02/21/12Savage, Velinda; Vargas, Angela; Argotti, Gina; Vargas, Lucas; Molina, Sarah 
View02/21/12Warren Apartments; Walker, Sherita 
View02/21/12Kenilworth Apartments Dba Harmony Park Apartments; Hale, Lorenzo 
View02/21/12Kenilworth Apartments Dba Harmony Park Apartments; Owens, Laquetta 
View02/21/12Maxon, Eliza; Bartlett Crossing Apartments 
View02/21/12Ashton Hills (Fka Raleigh Forrest); Anding, Paul 
View02/21/12Alco Management Inc Agent Breezy Point; Wade, April 
View02/21/12Ashton Hills (Fka Raleigh Forrest); Chambers, Kimetra 
View02/21/12Taylor, Mickey; 4 Success Realty 
View02/21/12Ashton Hills (Fka Raleigh Forrest); Jackson, Shakina 
View02/21/12Ashton Hills (Fka Raleigh Forrest); Gibbs, Kenneth 
View02/21/12Ashton Hills (Fka Raleigh Forrest); Smith, Rosemary 
View02/21/12Lakeview Manor; Martin, Markinski 
View02/21/12Pratt, Amanda; Pratt, Latecia; Lakeview Manor 
View02/21/12Lakeview Manor; Fisher, Deina 
View02/21/12Monroe, Bridgette; Lakeview Manor 
View02/21/12Irvin, Christopher; Lakeview Manor 
View02/21/12Marathon Management, Llc; Young, Napoleon 
View02/21/12Patrick, Karessa; Lakeview Manor 
View02/21/12Lizar, Jeremy; Fairfield Properties Lp 
View02/21/12Freeman, Marcellous; Lakeview Manor 
View02/21/12Johnson, Taylora; Allen, Cameron; Walden Pointe (Fka Raleigh Woods) 
View02/21/12Hall, Jay; Lakeview Manor; Mcknight, Selena 
View02/21/12Greenbriar Apartments; Woods, Marcee 
View02/21/12Irby, Rashantia; Greenbriar Apartments 
View02/21/12Tesco Properties Inc Aso Peppertree; Rainey, Christina 
View02/21/12Highland Pines Townhomes Llc Dba Twin Oaks Townhomes; Smith, Loretta 
View02/21/12Washington, Marlon; Highland Pines Townhomes Llc Dba Twin Oaks Townhomes 
View02/21/12Highland Hills Apartments; Norman, Markita 
View02/21/12Highland Hills Apartments; Baker, Urion 
View02/21/12Payne, Dannae; Tesco Properties Inc Aso Peppertree 
View02/21/12Alco Management Inc Agent For Chickasaw Place; Childrous, Monique 
View02/21/12South Pointe Townhomes; Turner, Melissa 
View02/21/12South Pointe Townhomes; Johnson, Tonya 
View02/21/12Johnson, Jamie; South Pointe Townhomes 
View02/21/12South Pointe Townhomes; Brownlee, Charla 
View02/21/12Cole, Laquita; South Pointe Townhomes 
View02/21/12South Pointe Townhomes; Waller, Nancy 
View02/21/12Richardson, Reginald; South Pointe Townhomes 
View02/21/12Montgomery, Miyon; South Pointe Townhomes 
View02/21/12Weekly, Kendra; South Pointe Townhomes 
View02/21/12South Pointe Townhomes; Outlaw, Regina 
View02/21/12Douglas, Stacey; South Pointe Townhomes 
View02/21/12Jackson, Angela; South Pointe Townhomes 
View02/21/12Simmons, Datrak; South Pointe Townhomes 
View02/21/12South Pointe Townhomes; Hopson, Patricia 
View02/21/12Robertson, Rory; Trails At Mt Moriah 
View02/21/12Trails At Mt Moriah; Ellis, Christina 
View02/21/12Knox, Carlton; Anderson, Kent; Anderson, Tammy; Knox, Amanda 
View02/21/12Colonnade At Germantown; Howard, Stephanie 
View02/21/12Sutton, Ralph; Armstrong, Patrice; Revid Property Management Llc 
View02/21/12Dick Simons Properties; Williams, Carolyn 
View02/21/12Word, Eric; Whitehaven View Apartments 
View02/21/12Alexander, Erisia; Warren Apartments 
View02/21/12Warren Apartments; Alston, Premiere 
View02/21/12Dockins, Tiarney; Warren Apartments 
View02/21/12Moore, Jessica; Warren Apartments 
View02/21/12Williams, Kodi; Warren Apartments 
View02/21/12Warren Apartments; Miller, Jessica 
View02/21/12Warren Apartments; Myatt, Deborah 
View02/21/12Warren Apartments; Campbell, Stekeeshia 
View02/21/12Jeffreys, Shalonda; Warren Apartments 
View02/21/12Wallace, Drearia; Warren Apartments