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Public Notices - Friday, January 04, 2013

Foreclosure Notices 117
Court Notices 5
Miscellaneous Notices 0
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Tennessee Public Notices
DetailsBorrowerProperty AddressAdvertised Auction DateDate of First Notice
ViewJeffrey D Beerman207 Harp Ln1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewRosa S Bradley969 Norwalk Dr1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewJames S Brandau2685 Buckner Rd1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewJennifer L Breeden127 Silver Leaf Cir1/29/20131/4/2013
ViewNicola J Campopiano2007 Edinburgh Ct1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewJames Carmack511 Wallace Dr1/30/20131/4/2013
ViewDonald R Crabtree1721 Woods Ferry Rd1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewRose C Davis512 General George Patton Rd1/30/20131/4/2013
ViewAntonio Eddings4932 Indian Summer Dr2/5/20131/4/2013
ViewBilly R Featherstone300 Panamint Dr2/7/20131/4/2013
ViewIngrid L Fletcher800 Oak Springs Ct2/7/20131/4/2013
ViewBrandon G Gann5206 Raywood Ln2/14/20131/4/2013
ViewDebra Gaylord803 Jonathan Dr1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewMark Haining922 Spain Ave1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewWanda S Hawkins221 Capitol View Dr1/30/20131/4/2013
ViewWanda S Hawkins709 May Dr1/30/20131/4/2013
ViewJefferey A Isbell503 Rushmore Dr1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewPreston M King410 Peterson Ln2/15/20051/4/2013
ViewBrandon Kirby3005 Kinwood Dr2/6/20131/4/2013
ViewDavid A Lamberth4058B Highway 31 W1/30/20131/4/2013
ViewDouglas R Lee2124 Whitney Ave1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewJason J Lukawitz1761 Red Jacket Dr2/7/20131/4/2013
ViewMary K Martin1010 W McKennie Ave2/7/20131/4/2013
ViewChristopher L McCoy306 Gates Rd1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewMichael Michitti5233 Ravens Gln12/19/20031/4/2013
ViewShirley J Parrott511 Ben Allen Rd2/14/20131/4/2013
ViewJames T Patterson4936 John Hager Rd2/7/20131/4/2013
ViewDelores A Patton1203 Ferguson Ave1/30/20131/4/2013
ViewMar R Piper1733 Carters Creek Pike1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewSumita Pradhan3001 Hamilton Church Rd #3062/7/20131/4/2013
ViewSolomon Robinson1708 Shorecrest Pt1/30/20131/4/2013
ViewDennis W Stanford215 S 2nd St1/25/20131/4/2013
ViewRandolph Victor641 Ransom Village Way2/20/20131/4/2013
ViewJacqualine Webb306 Pitts Ave1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewRonald L Williams1008 Chapel Lake Cir1/31/20131/4/2013
ViewDana Ashcroft7160 Holt Run Dr1/23/201312/28/2012
ViewPeggy Jo Baggett4263 Budds Creek Rd1/22/201312/28/2012
ViewDeidra Crowder1631 Rock Bridge Rd1/23/201312/28/2012
ViewGeorge Dewus505 Whispering Hills Dr2/7/201312/28/2012
ViewChristy A Dunning4027 Marion Dr1/18/201312/28/2012
ViewJon P Harper2413 Whites Creek Pike2/26/201312/28/2012
ViewJason Hoback225 Steamboat Court2/7/201312/28/2012
ViewPaul S Jones817 Highland Park Ct2/7/201312/28/2012
ViewKenneth V Kibler109 Settlers Way1/30/201312/28/2012
ViewIsaiah Lawler1218A Katie St2/20/201312/28/2012
ViewTravis L Lindsay735 Tulip Grove Rd #2411/29/201312/28/2012
ViewKatie R Macklin637 Anderson Ln2/7/201312/28/2012
ViewRobert J Metra510 Pollard Rd1/29/201312/28/2012
ViewDonna C Nichols124 William Dr1/23/201312/28/2012
ViewMartianez V Rorie506 S 11th St1/29/201312/28/2012
ViewVerita B Smith817 Dover Glen Dr2/19/201312/28/2012
ViewTommy Smith515 Basswood Dr2/7/201312/28/2012
ViewJoseph K Williams9706 Tanglewood Ln1/18/201312/28/2012
ViewMarcus Young1045 Ed Burgess Rd1/23/201312/28/2012
ViewWilliam T Adcock7311 Spencer Mill Rd1/11/201312/21/2012
ViewGloria Alderson605 Vester Ave1/22/201312/21/2012
ViewNeal P Anderson6116 Brentwood Chase Dr1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewCindy Avila1210 Bald Eagle Dr1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewBrian M Baker1016 Cobble Pl1/24/201312/21/2012
ViewBrent Berk167 Taft Dr1/22/201312/21/2012
ViewStanley Blumstein368 Ardsley Pl1/22/201312/21/2012
ViewJesse W Brooks4809 Hickory Way1/17/201312/21/2012
ViewJeffery T Burnett3056 Brantley Dr1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewJanet Butler1502 Lewis Rd1/22/201312/21/2012
ViewDavid A Chamberlin104 High Ridge Trl1/17/201312/21/2012
ViewKenneth Church1121 Matheus Dr2/13/201312/21/2012
ViewHarry Coffee200 Oak Dr1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewJames Curry141 Berea Church Rd1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewArthur Dillard9638 John Bragg Rd1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewClaude Dukes2269 Provo Dr1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewBarbara Y Fagan1217 Rugby Dr1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewNatashia Fisher1817 Liberia St1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewRyan Frye2178 Highway 2591/16/201312/21/2012
ViewAnita K Furr1701 Jewell St1/17/201312/21/2012
ViewFred G Goodson5416 Salem View Court1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewTausha Gowin1045 Cain Brake Rd2/12/201312/21/2012
ViewTerry Grimsley132 Brooke Castle Dr1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewShirley A Gross1022 Brittany Park Dr2/21/201312/21/2012
ViewPaul A Hancock110 Meadowpointe W1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewConnie L Hanes442 Newman Dr1/22/201312/21/2012
ViewRichar C Hazzard1625 7th Ave N1/24/201312/21/2012
ViewWilliam S Henderson7111 Sleepy Hollow Rd1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewStephen Holbrook2206 Exeter Ln1/17/201312/21/2012
ViewJessie E Jackson104 E Fairview Dr1/24/201312/21/2012
ViewRandolph W Johnson2813 Tyler Ct1/11/201312/21/2012
ViewCharles H Johnson103 Hill Rd1/17/201312/21/2012
ViewJeremy L Kittinger3753 Trough Springs Rd1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewAntonio Laiolo425 Landon Dr1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewRobert T Lee1600 Filmore Harris Rd1/17/201312/21/2012
ViewJane Leffew181 Claybrook Ln1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewPhillip Lusk1210 Dodson St1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewMark Meier8935 Sawyer Brown Rd1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewSharilyn M Michaels405 Ocala Ct N1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewDavid Michaud174 Lamar Hill Rd1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewKenneth L Moore7204 Birchbark Dr1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewDennis Morrow733 Joseph Ave1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewErika N Mullins5814 Robertson Ave1/24/201312/21/2012
ViewDavid Newell200 Augusta National Ct1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewBobbie S Oglesby924 Neelys Bend Rd1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewDalmar Omar108 Moshe Yaalon Dr1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewMargaret S Perlen6666 Brookmont Ter Apt. 10081/16/201312/21/2012
ViewThomas Prather2901 Yellow Creek Rd1/22/201312/21/2012
ViewArthur P Quick204 Took Dr1/17/201312/21/2012
ViewWilliam A Randolph3711 Woodbury Pike1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewBarbara A Robinson3785 Perkins Rd1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewJennifer K Ryon712 Knightsbridge Way1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewJeffrey E Smith1454 Bern Dr1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewGenee H Snow2705 Jenkins St1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewElaine A Thompson220 Payson Ct2/19/201312/21/2012
ViewMyrtle C Tillman3018 Hummingbird Dr1/22/201312/21/2012
ViewDexter Turner7105 Marshall Pl1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewWilliam Watts3426 Polly Dr1/22/201312/21/2012
ViewKevin M Wheaton5004 Countryside Dr1/15/201312/21/2012
ViewChristopher White139 Redbud Dr1/24/201312/21/2012
ViewLola Wooldridge424 Bellingrath Dr1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewRichard A Young2924 Wills Ct1/16/201312/21/2012
ViewBarbara F Lucas412 Scott Ave1/22/201312/14/2012
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